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3 easy breakfast moves - AM options for big folk and littles

Posted by Robert Morton on 3/5/13 3:36 AM

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We did a Whole 30 challenge in my house and included our 3 girls in a modified/shorter version. Good stuff but holy cookfest! It’s one thing to eat differently yourself but getting the spouse and wee ones involved for the full family affair? That’s a whole other kettle bell.

Here are a few breakfast-focused tidbits from our travels that should be helpful for trying to tame the morning whether cooking for yourself or prepping for a crowd.

Coconut Creamer for Your Coffee – I typically take the Primal/Archevore path with a little whole cream in my coffee. But for the Whole 30 I tried making this non-dairy coffee creamer alternative and it….is…. awesome. Coconut milk, coconut oil, a pasteurized egg, a blender and 2 minutes. That’s all you need for a week’s worth of deliciousness.

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Breakfast (or anytime) Frittata Muffin – With more breakfast and packed lunch orders to fill, I tried my hand at egg muffins which are super easy to prepare in an almost infinite number of flavors. Pretty much sautee any combination of veggies/meat, dollop away in a 12 muffin pan, add eggs and bake for 20 minutes. Good cold, heated up for breakfast, a quick snack, you name it. I tried this version from Nom Nom Paleo and loved it, but there are tons of other variants out there.

Kid Waffles – I’m loving Eat Like a Dinosaur ($9 for Kindle edition) as a source for kid-food ideas. One of our favorites... the Waffles which are based on nut butter, apple/banana puree and coconut flour. Passed the kid test with flying colors and fun to make together. Consistency is bang on and reheating some extras in the toaster was easy as you please.

There you have it. Whether you’re just looking for a little coffee improvement, want to add some variety to your breakfast game, or feel inspired to try a good Saturday morning item for a kid in your life, hope these morning-focused items help. And if you're looking for other ideas, here are some breakfast bites we shared a while back.

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